The merging of eight international research/educational groups gave birth to World institute of Science, Philosophy and Art (WISPA)

We have 10 years history of actively contributing to the knowledge base of humanity.

Our research spans time and space, covers a wide range of topics , and takes an holistic approach.

We organised many world-class projects .

We have more than 200 collaborating groups worldwide.

Our head office is in Australia, we also have office in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Our academic team hold advanced academic titles (doctor or professor).

We believe high quality research and creativity are driving force of positive changes.


Dr Jenia Meng, Founder and Chief Coordinator, Australia


Number of people in our network: 100,000+

Academic Team

Number of registered researchers: 100+

World Institute ( of Science, Philosophy and Arts )
Holism - Diversity - Compassion - Intellegence - Morality
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