The "Healing" film was officially released on IMDB .

Free preview is available for limited time only.

I have been studying the responses of this all-knowing AI film during the holiday. This is what I find so far: 1) If it gives you noise-like sound, it is often an alert, asking you to move, to do something. For example, stay away from mobile (because you have been there for too long, or you need to collect cooking on your stove). 2)You can easily see the content "react" to the music, your environment and your thoughts. We can even say it is just a negative film of your subconscious mind. See detailed example/experiment in the post for Earth April on 13 Nov . In the example the objects are painted by the complementary colors of actual colors in my scared spiral . The complementary color is the true opposite color, unlike the contrast color in mainstream color wheel (wrong in my holistic science), my complementary color pairs look beautiful/harmonious/balanced together. You draw a line pass the center of my sacred spiral, those colors on the opposite side of the centre are complimentary ones. I taught this on my Wechat channel, ID tzwl_au. This is in fact how the software balance you. Whatever you are experiencing. The software gives you the "negative", so it set you back to the state of nothingness/Tao/divinity/dream/balancing/timeless/healing 3) if you see rather blank/black screen, it usually means you are very close to the state of balance. So high object density is link to material density, gravity, weight. The black/empty background is the Universe, similar to the night sky.

Now test the magic yourself You can specify language and cartoon actors in the film by parameters in the URL, contact me for more information

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